Sunday, March 30, 2008

Egoi opens Critérium with 8th place

The two-day, three-stage Critérium International got off to a good start for Euskaltel's two GC hopes. Egoi and Mikel both managed to stay with the first group when the pack split into several pieces due to the wind. Egoi sprinted well to claim 8th on the stage, while Mikel came in 28th. Only 34 riders made up that first group, and it's highly likely that the overall win will go to one of those 34. Tomorrow will see the riders take on two stages; a short, but hilly affair early in the day, followed by a 8,3 km ITT. Looks tailor-made for both of them... Aitor, Jorge, Iñigo and Iván came in with group number 2, 6:51 down, while Josu came home with the last group, 12:40 back. Sadly, Antton does not figure on the list of results. I assume he took to the start, so I'm afraid he abandoned. Hopefully his "personal problems" haven't come back to haunt him, whatever these "problems" may be. I'm just hoping he's okay.

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