Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's Koldo!

Koldo has won the final stage of the Vuelta a Murcia ahead of Brown and Haedo. I got the pleasure to watch the final kilometres, and man did our team make me proud. For the first time, Euskaltel formed a real train for Koldo, consisting of Samu, Iñaki, the man himself obviously, and two others I didn't manage to recognise (thought they were likely Mikel and Iván). With 1 click to go, the train hit the front, and Samu lead out Koldo perfectly for the last dash for the line. Koldo started sprinting from the front, and amazingly managed to hold of Brown's and Haedo's late bursts. It was awesome, just awesome. A real team-victory. It was also beautiful to watch Samu and Iñaki with their hands raised in celebration as it became clear that he would win it. Koldo was of course overjoyed afterwards, so stay tuned for interviews with him later today. (By the way, go to Vuelta a Murcia's website to watch the last kilometres on video).

As for the rest of the team, Samu was 7th, Iñaki 15th, Mikel 19th, Iván 20th, Jon 70th, 14 seconds back, Jorge 82nd, 6:15 back, while Josu was 85th at the same time as Jorge. Euskaltel of course won the day's team rankings, while the team ended up 8th overall. Koldo gladly won the sprinters' competition ahead of Brown, beating him by a mere 4 points. This is how the riders ended up overall:

  • 18th, Mikel Astarloza
  • 25th, Iñaki Isasi
  • 28th, Samuel Sánchez
  • 53rd, Jorge Azanza
  • 62nd, Iván Velasco
  • 69th, Koldo Fernández
  • 70th, Jon Bru
  • 77th, Josu Agirre


arnout said...

Finally :D He deserved it, consistant racing, we didn't see that too much from him last year!

This win is good for the morale of the whole team, hopefully also for Haimar :D

I guess Koldo will ride the Tirreno as last year?

Magnus said...

Well, he'll Castilla y León, so I don't know about that...


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