Sunday, March 23, 2008

Iñigo 14th in San Remo

Euskaltel put on a good showing in the Milano-San Remo today. The duo of Egoi and Iñigo were very lively in the final part of the race. Egoi was the first of the two to try his luck on the Cipressa. He brought with him Rebellin, Barredo, Axelsson and some other strong-men, but sadly got his front-wheel into Barredo's rear, resulting in them both hitting the deck hard. It was a shame, as he looked strong and unfazed, but at least he didn't hurt himself too bad, as he got up and finished the race. At the Poggio, the last climb on the course, Iñigo stayed with the favourites until some maniac Silence-Lotto rider suddenly cut in front of him and forced him to brake with only a couple of hundred metres to go to the top. His descending skills, though, brought him back to the front group on the technical descent to San Remo. With two Ks to go, he even tried to go solo, but was caught by Cancellara, who caught him before breaking clear himself. Not surprisingly, neither Iñigo nor the other riders nearby had any answer whatsoever to the CSC rider's attack. Cancellara went on to win the race, with Iñigo coming home, totally exhausted, in a brilliant 14th place. Not far behind was Aitor Galdos in 26th, who came in alongside Petacchi, Zabel and Richeze, just to mention a few. Great stuff from him as well; he looked strong all day long. Rubén was not far behind either, coming in 37th, only 17 seconds down on the winner. Javier ended up 104th, 6:11 back, while Alán was 113th, 7:16 back. Egoi and Juanio both came in with the next-to-last group, 12:35 in arrears. Koldo was nowhere to be seen, and does not figure on the list of results. But even with his absence, the team did well today.

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