Monday, March 31, 2008


I know I've said this like a hundred times before but, seriously, this wait has got to stop some time. What's going on, and why isn't CAS, Iban, his representatives, or anyone for that matter, saying something? Please give us a clue to what's happening right now! Perhaps they aren't allowed to speak to the media concerning the case while it's being decided upon. I guess that makes sense. But it doesn't make it less frustrating. I've checked CAS' website a million times, but there's never anything there. I even sent them a mail, asking them what's taking so long. Kind of lame thing to do, I know. It's not like they're going to answer me, but I figured it was worth a couple of minutes of my time. It was a long-shot, and of course I haven't received an answer. Tomorrow it will be a month since they were supposed to issue a ruling. And it's been 8 monhts since he tested "positive"... What a mess, and what an unnecessary one. It's unvelievable but, hey, this is cycling. This is bad enough for us, his fans, but it must be torture for Iban. What's going to happen next is anyone's guess, but I've got a suggestion: nothing.


arnout said...

"Perhaps they aren't allowed to speak to the media concerning the case while it's being decided upon. I guess that makes sense." That's right I believe. Not much more to say really :(

Anonymous said...

Ñarch 1st was the date when the evidence from both sides was to be presented. The CAS guys then have to deliberate. I haven´t heard anything about Iban´s case, but I know that Landis has been given a hearing date, and they said it would probably be two months after that before a decision was made. So I guess we have at least another month to wait for Iban´s verdict.

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