Friday, March 07, 2008

Samu impressive in ITT in Murcia

Samu Sánchez showed surprisingly good early-season form in today's time trial in the Vuelta a Murcia. The penultimate stage of the five-day event saw each rider tackle a hilly 23 km course. Mikel didn't perform to expectations, sadly, as he came home a distant 28th. But Samu certainly did. He's not supposed to peak in about 4-months time yet, so an 11th place in an ITT, beating TT specialists like Karpets, Colom, Nozal and Blaudzun, is a sign of stregth. He's obviously improved in the discipline over the years, so I'm expecting a lot from him come July. Overall the team did okay today; the progress in time trials is slow, but it most certainly is steady. Stage results:

  • 11th, Samuel Sánchez, 0:48
  • 28th, Mikel Astarloza, 1:43
  • 31st, Iñaki Isasi, 1:45
  • 50th, Jorge Azanza, 2:33
  • 51st, Josu Agirre, 2:44
  • 58th, Iván Velasco, 3:04
  • 73rd, Jon Bru, 4:04
  • 80th, Koldo Fernández, 4:12


Laiseka said...

Mikel has falled down to the floor at the begining of the stage. That's the reason for his time.

Sorry about my english.

Greetings from Bilbao.

Magnus said...

Ah, I see, thanks for the info. I suspected something had gone wrong...


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