Saturday, March 29, 2008

Line-ups galore

So I've got something like 6 line-ups for different races for you today. In cronological order:

  • Critérium International (29/3-30/3): Mikel, Egoi, Iñigo, Jorge, Iván, Josu, Antton and Aitor Hernández. Great to see Antton back in action. Hopefully his "personal problems" are behind him by now. As the time trial in this race usually decides the outcome, I'm optimistic, as Mikel and Egoi are both good against the clock. More on the first stage later today.
  • GP Llodio (30/3): Samu, Igor, Koldo, Iñaki, Rubén, Aitor Galdos, Juanjo, Markel, Dioni and Jon. Surely the team to beat at the race. Samu, Igor, Koldo, Aitor and Rubén will all start out as favourites, but there's no hiding Koldo will be the main man to beat tomorrow. Hopefully he can capitalize on his great form and give the team it's third season win. Igor, Rubén and Iñaki are also supposed to be approaching peak form at the moment, so watch out for those as well.
  • GP Miguel Indurain (5/4): Amets, Dioni, Jorge, Antton, Egoi, Mikel, Igor, Jon, Iñaki and Iván. This one-day race in Navarra is one of the team's biggest goals of the season according to Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano, so expect one hell of a race from the team. It's a rather hilly affair, so Amets, Egoi, Mikel and Igor should be the protected riders in the team.
  • Ronde van Vlaanderen (6/4): Josu, Lander, Javier, Koldo, Juanjo, Alán, Andoni and Markel. Koldo will no doubt be the team's captain, but I expect the likes of Markel and Alán to put on a strong showing as well, perhaps getting into an early break or something. But don't expect too much; these kind of races really aren't Euskaltel's cup of tea.
  • Vuelta al País Vasco (7/4-12/4): Igor, Mikel, Iñigo, Rubén, Iñaki, Amets, Jorge and Egoi. As usual a very important race for the team. Igor and Mikel are expected to lead the chase for overall glory but, with the form some of the others are showing at the moment, Euskaltel can win any stage to be honest. I'd love to see Iñigo have a go at the GC as well; he looked good in Tirreno and San Remo recently. Looks like an awesome team; can't wait for the start. Euskaltel will be at their very best in this race, trust me.

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