Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Aitor keeps Andoni in red

Andoni managed to hold on to his lead in the intermediate sprints classification today. Thanks to Aitor Hernández. Just like yesterday there were three sprints on the menu for the riders, meaning a rider in a break theoreticallly could overtake the red jersey if he was to win all three sprints. Marcin Sapa of the Polish National Team set out with the objective to do just so. Euskaltel stayed alert though and sensed the danger. Aitor jumped clear of the pack to join up with the two in front. He took second in the sprints twice, but, much to Andoni's relief, won one of them. As a result Sapa ended up with 8 points, one down on Andoni. Mission accomplished for the team, and they all came in with the peloton with Iñaki placing 19th.

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