Friday, September 05, 2008

Galdeano's view on Vuelta week 1

"My evaluation of the first week is positive. We didn't think it would work out as well as it has. We start the second week stronger; the moral's good, but we've got our feet on the ground. But it doesn't change too much. There are dangerous riders like Contador, Sastre, Valverde, Gesink, and even Chavanel, who, with the leader's jersey, can put up a fight."

"This year's Vuelta is following the script; Astana will take control of the race, but we'll try to take advantage of the fight between Astana, CSC and Caisse. Personally I'm very pleased with the attitude the team have shown. They've taken good care of our leader, Igor. Simultaneoulsy they do what's in their power for Koldo. From now on the mountains are on the menu, with the summit finish on the Rabassa on the horizon. It's going to us an indication on what's in store for Igor and co."

"The day of rest is complicated. We haven't seen anything as of yet. We'll soon see how strong Contador is. Valverde as well. If Sastre's in the same form as he was in the Tour, he's of course among the top candidates for the win. We'll see an Igor Antón who'll make us dream in this year's race. But, one error and you're out of the running. The level is incredibly high"

"We're past the worst terrain. Zamora and Valladolid are up, but we have a team consisting of Astarloza, Landaluze and Martínez, so the team will watch out for him just as they've done so far. But there's another enemy: it'll be cold. It's been warm, now it'll be cold. Changes of temperature can affect some riders badly."

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Anonymous said...

Today we'll see the REAL EUSKADI EUSKALTEL !
Not just Igor Anton but i expect Astarloza, Martinez and Landaluze at the top of the race.
I can't wait for this afternoon ...
Remo (I)


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