Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Egoi ends season

Egoi has decided to put and end to his 2008 season. Speaking to Gara yesterday, the likeable rider said it was time to chill out and reload the batteries after a taxing season. After all it's been a long season for him. In the interview he also expressed his sadness at not being selected for Spain's Worlds squad. His performance in the Vuelta indicated great form and led many to call for his inclusion in the nine-man team. It wasn't to be though, but he decided to look at the positive side of it: "Though, as I won't travel to Varese, I can stay at home with my new-born son. I've only been with him for three weeks, so I'm really looking forward to that." Of course, Ezequiel Mosquera performed fantastically overall in the Vuelta, but I do think that Egoi's engine and strength on the flats would be more helpful to the team than Mosquera's climbing prowess given it's a pretty flat Worlds this year. Time will tell I guess.


arnout said...

Mosquera is logical, but why Garate. He was weaker than Martinez overall, I really don't understand his selection.

I don't like Garate actually, it is the only Basque rider I cannot stand. He also is underperforming for some years already and I have the feeling he is just a bit lazy.

Anonymous said...

Iban Mayo:

(I believe that you have not commented it)


Magnus said...

I have to admit I wasn't aware of it. Thank you very much for keeping me informed.


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