Sunday, September 14, 2008

Poland line-up

The Tour de Pologne starts today, and Euskaltel will field the following 8 riders: Samu, Iñaki, Jorge, Javier, Aitor H, Markel, Andoni and Josu. Samu will of course lead the team in his quest for getting ready for the Worlds later this month. The seven-day stage-race will feature some hilly stages, so don't discount Samu for an overall win.


Bolsen3 said...

What a nice picture! :)

arnout said...

Indeed, I love the pictures of Magnus. Where do you find them?

Magnus said...

That's a long story my friend;p well, I have like 4 thousand different pics of Euskaltel riders. I find the pics everywhere to be honest, but there are some websites I visit every day, like Velonews, the Basque newspapers DEIA, El Correo, Diario Vasco, Yahoo sports, Euskaltel's homepage, races' homepage (like the Vuelta's own page) etc... i don't know why I download all these pics, I have like 600 of Iban alone... It's become an obsession almost.


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