Monday, September 22, 2008

Iñigo glad to be back home

Iñigo was a happy man yesterday as the Vuelta came to a conclusion. In his daily column in DEIA he spoke of the hard reality of a three-week tour: "I don't think people really know how good it feels for a cyclist to finish a three-week race. The last stage may look like a transitional stage, but it really isn't. The truth is that every incline hurts. But it's not only because of the fatigue. It's because of the routines. Take the food for one. It's boring to eat the same things over and over again. We practically eat the same food for a month: pasta, rice, lasagne, chicken or meat. I need to change the routines. It feels so good to be done with the Vuelta. Cyclists have also got family, friends and a normal life we long for when we're away. I have all this in Algorta. I'll be back home today to meet the people and places I know... Today I'll get to see it all once again. We leave Madrid with an annoying feeling. The feeling of not having been able to win a stage. Not winning a stage is the only negative I can think of when it comes to our performance. After the time trial up the Nevacerrada we looked back at how the race unfolded for us emotionally. That opening day in Granada came to mind. You rememer that stage? Yeah, we came second in that team time trial. And, then, Egoi Martínez led the race from Sabiñánigo to the Angliru. I believe that's worth appreciating. People say that there, on the way to the Angliru, the race ended for us due to Igor's fall. I don't think so. I feel we recuperated well, and we were close to winning from breaks. I got into three decisive breaks, and Alán, Iván and Mikel did so as well... We've thought a lot about that day, the descent of the Cordal, and it hurts. That fall prevented Igor from continuing to progress mentally first and foremost. I talk about the experience to lead a team in a GT. That would be an important experience for a rider like him, a rider that will no doubt give the Basques a lot of joy in the future. He needs that experience, but other opportunities will present themselves. Soon. Next year. Surely."

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