Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Samu set to stay

It seems our worst fears have been unfounded; Samu looks set to stay with the team after all. News ciculating in different medias this morning indicate that Cervelo is not in the running for Samu's signature. Speaking to, a spokesman of the team said: "The team has never spoken to Mr. Samuel Sánchez. We have no plans to hire him or to buy him out of any existing contract. Not to mention that we would not have the budget to do so anyway, we are a modest team able to attract great riders because they believe in our concept, not because we buy them out of existing contracts." I was so relieved to read this. Allegedly it would cost a team 900 000 euros to buy Samu ouf of his contract. Samu himself said: "I have a contract until the end of the 2010 season, and I'm not thinking about anything else". Great to hear, this will certainly boost the team's morale after some testing weeks.


Monika said...

Not only the team's morale, I guess.. and confess... ;)

Anonymous said...

After this all in all disappointing season it would have been an absolute disaster to see Samu leave. This is already a big relief indeed... but let's not be too sure yet, for rich teamowners like Mr. Tinkoff € 900.000 are peanuts. I actually hope (and it's a rather schizophrenic hope, I know) Samu doesn't perform too well in Varese, if he wins the team won't be able to keep him...

Will he ride the Giro della Lombardia and the Escalada this year, by the way?


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