Thursday, September 04, 2008

Status quo in Spain and Germany

Not much to say about either race today to be honest, but an honourable mention goes out to Jon who did well to get into the break of the day in Germany and finish 7th on the stage. Jon is without a contract for next year, and he won't get a new one with Euskaltel, so he's doing his best to impress eventual new employers. I would be sad to see talented guys like Jon leave the sport at such an early age, but he'll be fine even if he doesn't get a contract somewhere I think, as he's got his hands full with his Chi Kung stuff. I wish him the best though and hopes he lands a contract somewhere. Not much of importance happened in the Vuelta, as the little climb towards the end of the stage left the team with no real possibility of taking the stage. Everyone came through fine though, so no worries. Tomorrow's the first rest day if I'm not mistaken, but I won't take a rest, so check back tomorrow for more news.

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