Sunday, September 07, 2008

Galdeano pleased

"The stage to Pla de Beret made me happy. Euskaltel Euskadi were the only team that really tried to win this stage. We made the race, and we tried to win it. Ascending the Bonaigua, Mikel Astarloza did very well to narrow down the pack. Amets took over his job the last three kilometres. We took control of the race in an intelligent way, without wasting any unnecessary energy. We're not going to do the dirty work for others. We couldn't let Moncoutié get too big a gap if we were to win the stage, and it wasn't in our interest that a group of 60 riders started the climb of Pla de Beret together. Therefore we decided to up the pace. Igor Antón told us he felt good, and that some other riders clearly didn't. The fight for the Vuelta can potentially come down to seconds, so we had to take advantage of the occasion. On one hand to reel in Moncoutié and fight for the stage-win. On the other hand to improve Igor's GC placing. "Fuji" is already 6th. We had another thing on our mind though: We saw Valverde struggling, and that, if Contador and Igor could off-hook him, they could go ahead alone. That would have been very positive; Igor and Contador would have cooperated very well. They didn't manage to leave him behind though, sadly. Anyway, I'm really proud of the team, and I think they'll continue to make us all proud in this race."


Laiseka said...

This is Odriozola's view, not Galdeano's.


Monika said...

And now they can even be prouder... Zorionak Egoi! :)

Laiseka said...

Toma Moreno!!!!

Egoi leader!!!!! Alan, we love you!!!!


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