Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ibán not giving in

Ibán is not going to give up his case for justice just yet. The announcement that the CAS had decided to suspend Ibán was followed by silence on his behalf, but the silence was broken last week when his lawyer talked to DEIA. His lawyer, José Rodríguez, told they've taken the case to the Comité Español de Disciplina Deportiva. Rodríguez argues that the sanction handed out by the CAS is not compatible with the current Spanish legislation. The Comité Español de Disciplina Deportiva usually use up to 6 months on one single case, but it's understood they've been told to get moving and an answer will be given in October or November, at the latest. An actual judgement will not be handed out, it's the majority of the jury that will decide the case. Ibán did not comment on the case. And I don't know what kind of comment I'm going to give either. Hopefully he'll be cleared, but I'm not overly optimistic to say the least.

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