Friday, June 28, 2013

Euskadi & Naturgas round-up

The Tour de France might be just about to start, but there's racing going on in other parts of the world too.

Fresh off his second place in Tolosa on Monday, Loïc Chetout will spearhead Naturgas Energía in the hilly Clásica de Mungia this Sunday. The race, not part of the Torneo Lehendakari nor the Euskaldun race series, will see the following riders in red and white line up:

Karl Baudron, Alain Santamaría, Loïc Chetout, Víctor Etxeberría, Bernat Font, Álvaro Trueba, Noel Gil and Javier Martín.

Meanwhile, Euskadi rider Carlos Barbero showed what a consistent rider he's become by grabbing sixth in the Mediterranean Games on Friday.

The punchy 22-year-old from Burgos, Castilla y León, was picked to represent his country, and he did not let national selector Pascual Momparler down. He could do little to prevent Italian Nicola Ruffoni coming away with the win, but he still had the end-speed necessary to grab a solid result in Mersin, Turkey.

Photo: Orbea

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