Sunday, June 02, 2013

Fernández takes stage as Molina hangs tough

Higinio Fernández of Lizarte secured his team a popular win on home roads in the Vuelta a Navarra's second and final stage on Sunday.

Yesterday's victor, Caja Rural's Antonio Molina, finished on the same time as Fernández and thus won the general classification.

The duo reached the line together, more than three minutes ahead of their nearest pursuers, and divided the spoils between them.

Fourth across the line, Miguel Ángel Benito, grabbed the last place on the podium.

First-year Naturgas Energía rider Noel Gil came away with the 'Special sprints'-prize.

Results (full results here):
  1. Higinio Fernández (Lizarte), 3:54:09
  2. Antonio Molina (Caja Rural), s.t.
  3. Antonio Pedrero (Lizarte), 3:15
  4. Dayer Quintana (Lizarte), 5:01
  5. Miguel Ángel Benito (Caja Rural), 5:12
  6. Marc Vilanova (Coluer), s.t.
  7. Noel Martín (Hostal Latorre), s.t.
  8. Cristobal Sánchez (Cajamar), s.t.
  9. Borja Abásolo (Debabarrena), s.t.
  10. Óscar Hernández (GSport-Valencia Terra i Mar), s.t.
Final general classification:
  1. Antonio Molina (Caja Rural), 7:49:05
  2. Higinio Fernández (Lizarte), 0:34
  3. Miguel Ángel Benito (Caja Rural), 5:46
  4. Pablo Lechuga (Cajamar), s.t.
  5. Óscar Hernández (GSport-Valencia Terra i Mar), s.t.

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