Sunday, March 11, 2012

Copa de España results

Jon Larrinaga continued his solid start to the season with a decent 21st-place finish in today's Cope de España-race in Aiztondo. Ibai Salas of Caja Rural, who Orbea should take a good look at ahead of next year, took an impressive solo victory ahead of Mike Terpstra of Azysa Telco'm Conor and Juan Ignacio Pérez from Diputacion de Avila. Larrinaga came in 18 seconds back, while Victor Etxeberria wasn't far back in 26th place at 33 seconds.

Full results:
  • (1, Ibai Salas, Caja Rural)
  • 21, Jon Larrinaga, 0:18
  • 26, Victor Etxeberria, 0:33
  • 59, Mikel Iturria, 2:27
  • 94, Karl Baudron, 6:32
  • 96, Loic Chetout, s.t.
  • 99, Alain González, 6:34
Naturgas Energía finished 10th in the team ranking.

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