Friday, March 09, 2012

Logo wrestling to jeopardize future?

Incredible as it may sound, the use of the word 'Euskadi' on Euskaltel's shirts and shorts may lead to the team losing 400 000 euros in sponsorship money.

El Diario Vasco reports that the Basque government's Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism is threatening to pull the plug on their sponsorship agreement effective immediately if the green 'Euskadi'-logo isn't substituted with the government's own white one. The green-lettered one, which has decorated the team's outfit ever since its inception, is la Fundación Euskadi's own, and differs slightly from the one the government uses to promote tourism.

Allegedly, the ministry requested in January that the logo be changed by April in time for the Vuelta al País Vasco. If not, the contract "would be terminated without the right of compensation". Miguel Madariaga responded by saying that the request was put forward too late.

"It's not that we can't do it, it's just that they asked us to do this in January", Madariaga is quoted as saying. "By then, everything had been manufactured, and thus we couldn't change it. Changing it now would require a substantial investment as we'd have to repaint 15 vehicles, including cars, buses, vans and trucks. If the government is willing to pay for it, we'll do it. It'll be between 90 000 and a 100 ooo euros."

Changing the logo to white isn't the only request the government has put forward though. The word 'Espagne' will have to be added to the 'Pays Basque'-logo on the back on the jerseys when the team races in France, and similarly 'Paese Baschi Spagna' when competing in Italy and 'Baskenland Spanien' in Germany. In all other countries, the logo should read 'Basque Country Spain' according to the government.

Madariaga and Euskaltel will meet up with the ministry on March 22 to discuss the matter.

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Stephen said...

Utter madness!
Personally, I don't care what colour the logo is. I was out this morning wearing my Euskaltel-Euskadi kit with pride, the bright orange certainly helps you get noticed when its cloudy and gloomy as well!

53 miles, the longest ride of the year so far...summer is on its way


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