Monday, March 26, 2012

Naturgas close in Gorla

2Santiago Ramírez of Lizarte took the biggest win of his young career today as he climbed to glory in the Subida a Gorla - one of the biggest Basque amateur races on the calendar.

Ramírez totally detonated the field with his attack on the second and last time up the climb, winning by a huge 40-second margin from team-mate Antonio Pedrero. Aitor González of Debabarrena, who's been prominent on the front all season, grabbed the last podium spot, just ahead of impressive Naturgas Energía leader Jon Larrinaga.

Larrinaga was sixth yesterday in Laukiz, and showed his versatility with another strong ride today. Victor Etxeberria has made quite an impact with Naturgas since joining in the off-season, and he continued his good start to 2012 with fifth. Loic Chetout, who spent large portions off the day in a break along with Alain González, went one better than yesterday, taking eighth.

  • (1, Santiago Ramírez, Lizarte)
  • 4, Jon Larrinaga, 0:40
  • 5, Victor Etxeberria, s.t.
  • 8, Loic Chetout, 0:56
  • 22, Damien García, 2:14
  • 28, Mikel Iturria, 3:09
  • 44, Imanol Estévez, 4:40
  • 47, Alain González, s.t.
  • 51, Karl Baudron, 6:15
  • 91, Francisco Javier Martín, 13:20
  • 97, Pablo Comins, 14:10
The team finished second in the team rankings, while Alain González was second in the mountains classification.

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