Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Giro & País Vasco teams set

According to Biciciclismo, Euskaltel will send the following nine riders to the first GT of the year, the Giro d'Italia: Nieve, Velasco, Txurruka, Oroz, Mínguez, Cazaux, J Izagirre, Cabedo and Sáez. Mikel Nieve will of course lead the team's GC assault. The Spanish website doesn't state its source, but they're normally more than trustworthy. Of the long-list unveiled last month, Jorge Azanza and Ricardo García miss out on selection.

Azanza will likely do País Vasco though, as he's set to toe the start line alongside seven of the following eight riders: Antón, Sánchez, G Izagirre, Astarloza, Martínez, Verdugo, Oroz and Sicard. Fielding both Antón and Samu suggests, to state the obvious, that the team is fully focused on winning the overall this year. Samu has famously come close on several occasions but keeps falling short, while Antón is yet to taste success in the week-long stage race.


Kristof said...

Nice team for the Giro, some very good climbers and youngsters. I'd hoped Velasco and Amets to see in The Tdf. I'm a bit afraid for TDF selection as I prefer Velasco/Txurruka far above Martinez and Astarloza.

Magnus said...

I agree with you on that. Velasco and Txurruka are far more dynamic riders - though Astarloza and Martínez might provide Samu with invaluable help in the race for GC.

kKDu said...

No Amets at País Vasco? :(

Magnus said...

Nope, he'll gear up for the Giro instead


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