Friday, August 08, 2008

Antton Luengo retires from cycling

It's a very sad day for Euskaltel and Antton fans alike. At the tender age of 27 he has decided to quit the sport with immediate effect. My favourite Euskaltel rider held talks with the team management yesterday and informed them of his decision. The team issued the following statement: "Antton Luengo met Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano and Miguel Madariaga to communicate his decision to leave the professional sport of cycling after five years with the team. The people in charge of the Fundacion Euskadi Ciclista are thankful for the integrity and professionalism the cyclist from Gautegiz Arteaga has shown while with Euskaltel Euskadi, and his work in making the team one of the best in the world. Antton Luengo himself is also very thankful towards the Fundacion Euskadi Ciclista and it's behaviour, and the fact that the people in charge of the organisation have always been to his disposition." It's a sad, sad story that of Antton. He's never won a race, though he's come close several times, but the sad thing is that his talent, which is undoubted, at least to me, has never been fulfilled. He's showed prowess in the mountains several times, especially when he, in tanded with Igor, set Iban up for his 2006 Subida a Urkiola success while placing a very strong 6th himself. I reckon he could have developed into a super domestique for the captains of the team. But it's all about turning talent into performances... He's endured a lot of problems, of the personal sort, lately, and he's been totally out of form this year. Though, at just 27, he had his whole career in front of him. I'm shattered to see him leave, but I wish him the best for a better future.

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