Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Euskaltel news

  • Yeah! The ENECO Tour has finally come to a conclusion. Fittingly for Euskaltel's performance in the race it ended with an ITT, so it was obvious that the team wouldn't set the world alight today either. Aitor H did well to come home 27th, but other than that it was a bad experience looking at the results. Aitor was also best placed overall eventually, landing 51st place.
  • Galdeano has outlined the team's objectives for the Vuelta, telling El Correo that they're looking for "at least one stage-win" and a podium place, or something close, for Igor. Galdeano expects Mikel, Iñigo and Egoi to be able to help him in the mountains, but admits Igor is still not at the level of Sastre, Contador and Valverde. I think a podium place is a longshot, but as long as Igor wins on the Angliru I can die a happy man.

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