Sunday, August 10, 2008

Golden pics


Anonymous said...

Just back from holiday but i stay up on saturday eraly morning to see all the race on tv.
As the race went on i get a magic feeling inside...Samu looked so strong and powerful...when he won i REALLY WENT MAD jumpin' around like a kid !!!
when you favourite wins such an important throphy is something to saviour...and the bottle of champagne me and my wife drank that nite was to celebrate a wonderful victory.
Remo (parma) I

Anonymous said...

Great win by samu!
I was jumping around also hehe.

I saw on Spanish sport news yesterday, Samu was filmed in a car while he was talking on his mobilephone, here is what he said:
well, they have to dig deep in their pockets......

wonder what that was about, hope there is not another team trying to get Samu, hope he stays in orange :)

Monika said...

So emotional... I cried when he cried on the podium... remember, it were on the day exactly 8 years that his mother died... It was so emotional...


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