Monday, August 25, 2008

Euskaltel news

  • ENECO stage 5: Another dismal day. No one in the break, no one inside the peloton. The remaining six Euskaltel riders all came in a massive 14:45 down. The guys seem totally disillusioned, they probably can't wait for the race to end.
  • Plouay: Juanjo did well to get into the break of the day, but, other than that, not a good performance from the team. Haimar did okay to come home 31st, inside the main pack, but he was the only rider inside that group. Markel came in 4:3o down, Juanjo 6:10, while Jon, Iñaki and Jorge came in with the very last group, a big 9:09 down on Fedrigo. The team is obviously doing something wrong these days, as it only seems a handful of riders are capable of getting results. Most of them seem to be far off top form, something which is alarming considering many of them didn't enjoy the best of early-seasons to say the least.
  • Finally the full Vuelta a España line-up has been revealed: Igor, Koldo, Egoi, Mikel, Iñigo, Amets, Rubén, Alán and Iván. No surprises there then. Iñigo, Alán and Iván all made the cut as expected. Jorge is listed as a reserve in the case of anyone falling ill or something in the lead-up to the race.

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