Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Koldo misses in spint; Antton drops out

It was a bad day for the team in Burgos today. The team didn't manage to get into the break of the day and was thus forced to chase. The chase was successful, but Koldo's sprint wasn't. Koldo couldn't do better than 9th in a field not exactly littered with world-class sprinters. That was a let-down, and so too was Antton's decision to abandon. I don't know why he chose to quite the race, but it's obvious he's going through a rough patch. All the other riders finished though, so at least that's a positive.

1 comment:

arnout said...

Koldo was boxed in, I saw the stage. He didn't sprint in the end, just let himself roll over the finishing line. It was a very strange finish, with lots of bounds and a fairly small road.


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