Thursday, August 14, 2008

Iban keeping quiet

We're all waiting for Iban to say something. So far it's been all silence. I'm curious to what he'll say. He's got two, no, wait, three options; 1: confessing (unlikely). 2: Take the "I'm not saying anything, I'll leave that to my lawyer"-approach (likely). 3: Maintain he's innocent and appeal (very likely). I'm not saying one of them would be better than the other. I think he'll appeal though, as his lawyer recently said the odds of winning the battle in the Swiss Federal Court are good. It seems many of you have lost faith in him, calling him to confess. I completely understand that, I do. But I'm not convinced he doped at last year's Tour. I won't take a stand on the matter until he says something. Though, if he should confess, I won't come down too hard on him. Don't get me wrong, I'm probably one of the biggest anti-doping advocats out there, but he's my hero after all. I choose to stand by him, though I'll never, ever, support him in taking drugs, if that's really what he's done. Drugs are bad, end of story. If it's revealed that he's been doping, I'll never defend his actions. If he's been doping, he needs to go. But if he chooses to battle on, I'll support that. I'm keeping the faith. Many may call me naive or accuse me of being a hypocrit. To those of you who do; I get your point. But I hope you get mine too.


Bolsen3 said...

Wouldn't call you a hypocrite, as you clearly take a stand against doping. But I will call you a little naive ;) But I understand it, it's not an easy thing. Took me a year to make up my mind about all this...

Anonymous said...

OK Bolsen it took you a year. Are you a member of Cas as it took them a year also.
Like Magnus I want to believe in the innocence of Iban. I will continue to do so until Iban says he did it.
I believe every result from Chatenay-Malabry needs to be independently verified. Two labs could not do so. This verdict from CAS is perverse.


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