Sunday, August 10, 2008

Samu's golden talk

After securing Euskaltel it's biggest win ever, Samu talked to the team's website. Here's what the Olympic champion had to say: "This is a dream. When I crossed the finish-line I didn't know what to do. I said "ahora", but I didn't really think it over. I was a bit scared of the humidity, so I made sure I kept myself hydrated all the time. I'm not fully aware of what I've just done. I won't fully realize it until I speak to my best friends and family. Winning the Olympics is amazing: you win a one-day race and you're the champion for four years. We knew that there were some top, top favourites, like Valverde and Bettini, and riders, not of less quality, but with fewer options, like Rebellin and Cancellara. I knew that my form was good. I was 7th in the Tour and the Clásica San Sebastián went the way I hoped it would. The difficult thing here was to control the race, given the humidity and warmth. The route though was spectacular. To see all of Beijing, and all it's attractions, was fantastic. We (Team Spain) have not acted like a selection, we've acted like a team. And we've had a great captain, Carlos Sastre, who always told us what to do, and Antequera ( the team boss) has been magnificent; he knows how to make us work together. All this resulted in Olympic gold."


Laiseka said...

You have to watch this video. Here you can see the euphoria from spanish TV journalists, the celebration with Valverde and Contador at the finish Line, the greeting from Bettini or Cancellara and the first words from Samuel:

Magnus said...

Great vid laiseka, great vid:) "Samu, samu, samu, samu, samu, samu, samu, samu!!!!"

Anonymous said...

And suddenly the season seems good...Man I can't wait for the Vuelta.



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